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Product name:
Brief introduction on carbon Si Ca products
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Handan Jixiang Metallurgical Material (Group) Co.,Ltd.
The product explained in detail

—— Brief introduction on carbon Si Ca products ——


CarbonSiCa Deoxidizer,used in pre-deoxidation refining,could not only reduce the technological processures,but also shows the effects of thorough-deoxidation.In addition,it can reduce the portion of the oxide components and get rid of the gas elements in steel.Therefore,the liquid steel will be more smoothly flowing,the quality of steel will be largely up-graded,and the refining cost will be largely reduced.It  can also make good use of the alloy;meet the needs from the refining deoxidation,and can help the desulphurization and carbon synergism.Practice has proved the new-typed CarbonSiCa deoxidezer has thoroughly replaced the alloy-deoxidization material such as ferroSiAl,ferroSiCa,CalciumSiAlBa and BaSiAl.It  also helps the desulphurization and has replaced silicon carbide and other carbon synergists.It has been introduced and widely utilized,and has a good reputation among all the experts and customers.

2.Products Quality

CarbonSiCa deoxidizer has been utilized in the technology of 20MnSi predeoxidization.It has proved that the alloy-obtaining rate has largely/greatly increased.The obtaining rate of Mn has increased by 10.19% from 84.78% to 94.9%,that of Si has increased by 9.4% from 79.43% to 88.85%,that of Al has doubled by 8.15% from 8.38% to 16.53%.It has also obviously increased in structural carbon steel.After the alloy iron has been reduced,Si still increased by 6.83% and Mn by 8.83%.In short,it doesn%27t matter whether the deoxidizer technology is used in 20Mn steel or structural carbon steel,the mechanical property quality is steady and the chemical composition is stable.It can also help the desulphurization and the rate is 22.73%.

3.Technological Circumstances:

a.Content of the chemical composition:Ca35-40%,Sil3-18%,C18-23%

b.Physical property quality:dark gray particulate powder.

4.Using Methods and Adding Volume:

Put the bagged CarbonSiCa deoxidizer into the liquid steel container before tapping.When 1/4 of tapping  is done,put in ferromanganese and ferrosilicon alloy.Then blow in the argon and refine in the container.

Adding volume:normally 1.5-2Kg for per ton of steel.

5.Economic Benefits:

When it%27s utilized in pre-deoxidization of 20MnSi refining,the cost will be decreased/reduced by 12.61 Yuan for each ton of steel.When it %27s utilized in that of structural carbon steel,0.68 Yuan will be reduced for each ton.


Two-layered sacks with inner film will be used for both of large and small sized deoxidizer.Small ones are 10Kg each and large ones are 40g each.


Air-transport.Moisture proof,waterproof and fireproof should be stressed.


Keep it dry and keep water and fire resources off.When removing,handle with care.Furthermore,use after arrival,and try to shorten the storage period.

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